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Google Images also may be helpful, although the way Google ranks what it finds means that you are as likely to get a picture from someone's blog about a trip to Europe as a good picture of a work of art. Usually you can search for an exact phrase by putting it in quotation marks.

Custom content means the paper is written according to your needs and standards. Search engines rank sites by a variety of factors, including how many times people have linked to them. Perhaps the bibliography is exceptionally complete.

Oxford Art Online is really a collection of different reference works, which include the 34 volume Grove Dictionary of Art published inand the 4 volume Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, published in First, make sure you spell check and proofread your own paper, making as many corrections and improvements as you can.

Although sometimes a source is given linked to the small number in bracketsmore often there is not one.

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You also should read beyond the first page of results, because the order created by the search engine may not correspond to your needs. Our custom writing help seriously concerns with your privacy.

Rated 5 out of 5 Candace β€” May 17, My aim was just not to fail the class β€” there was no need in the best grades or smth.

In a note or a bibliography, you give only the information any reader will need to locate it anywhere β€” author, title, original publisher, place of publication, and date. Recent publications usually are not available for viewing although their names do come up as search results, and sometimes you can get a limited preview of a few pages.

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If you have access to subscriber-only databases, then you probably will have access to WorldCat, which is a union catalogue that lists the holdings of hundreds of libraries. You also should do a general search for your topic.

Citation Formsincluding exact pages and addresses of websites so you will be able to cite things properly. It is only by actually using the material you have that you will discover what is missing.

Bombs bursting in air, the boys played marbles. Read the assignment carefully and ask questions before you begin work. Do take a closer look if you see more than a handful in a single paragraph.

Your writing sounds bland. They seem to have a meaning, but their meaning is weak. Being able to find the name of the person who wrote an article is helpful, because then you can search the author's name online and see if he or she has written scholarly books or articles that have been cited by other people.

It will provide you with a framework to be consistent in your own writing. How-to There are several steps you can take to get better help on your papers from an English tutor.

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The author of a paper describing how a nuclear fission power plant works, for example, probably does not expect readers to be able to manage one based on his explanation. Jade tore through her files, her mind racing in a million directions. Using Power Words in Subheads Once people click on your headline, most will scan the post first to see if it looks worthy of their attention.

Since he was distracted, a grinning Lanky Louie bounced around the room, kicking up old newspapers, disturbing the dust, and making everyone else cough. These words immediately separate his blog from all the other fitness blogs out there.

This is all writing really is: This will not be possible if you have waited until the last minute to complete the assignment. This is especially true if the participial phrases keep to the same pattern in each sentence.

And besides, for a large number of term paper writing experts, completing original papers in this area is easy. Appendix II provides correct citation forms for both notes and bibliography according to the Humanities version of the Chicago Manual Style.

Describing steps in prose is a little different. Also, if you're using Microsoft Word ( or later) to write your essay, make use of the automatic referencing system. Simply enter the details of sources as you go along, and it will automatically create a perfect bibliography or works cited page at the end.

When writing, you should avoid words that are overused and boring. Here is a list of words to avoid and more striking words you can use instead.

TIP Sheet WRITING A PROCESS PAPER. A process paper describes to a reader how to do something or how something occurs. Stages in psychological development, steps in installing software or carrying out a marketing plan, or processes in science or historical change, for example, could all be described in a process paper.

How-to's and explanations. Some writing advice says using -ing words is wrong. But a study of writing advice shows legitimate uses of words ending in -ing.

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Learn when to use -ing words. The process and types of writing. Required and voluntary writing has a broad range of styles. A writing assignment succeeds by addressing a defined audience with content organized into an effective and/or convincing presentation. Each of these titles is available under a Creative Commons license (consult the individual text for the license specifics).

Click on the title to view the chapter abstract and a downloadable PDF of the chapter.

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Appendix I: Writing the Paper - Writing About Art