My country india in 250 words

Caste and Religious Issues India of my dreams would be a place where people would not be discriminated on the basis of their caste or religion. The Gangetic Valley is the most fertile regions of our land. It is sad to see how people belonging to the lower and weaker sections are even denied their basic rights in certain parts of the country.

Most of the great leaders of our country came from the villages. India Essay 3 words India is my mother country and I love it very much.

India Essay

India, the biggest democracy and one of the oldest civilsations of the world is the second most populous country into the world, after chain. The Government is taking steps to ensure that more and more people have access to education by way of promoting the right of free and compulsory education for children and also by opening adult education schools.

Here are the key areas that need attention in order to make it a better place: Ours is a secular state and all religions flourish side by side. The Indian early medieval age, CE to CE, is defined by regional kingdoms and cultural diversity. They can select anyone of these India essay according to the words limit: Women Empowerment Though more and more women are stepping out of their homes and making a mark in different fields there is still a lot of discrimination against women in our country.

Sometimes it is also designated by Hindustan. However, there are certain groups of people that try to incite people to serve their vested interests thereby hampering peace in the country. It is a country where courteous people of many religions and cultures lives together.

The country is run by a government, elected by the people by vote. I dream of India that provides equal employment opportunities for all so that each one of us works for the growth and betterment of our country. I want it to grow at an even greater pace and attain newer heights to make its place among the first-rate countries.

The west, though, is drier. India is the largest democracy of the world. The President can choose the Prime Minister, who has most of the power.

Short Essay on India of My Dreams

It is also near Sri Lankaan island country. India of my dreams would be a place where people are not discriminated based on their caste, creed or religion.

It is a country where great leaders Shivaji, Gandhiji, Nehru, Dr. India became independent in It is the most populous democratic country with parliamentary system. Many of the youths who fail to get good employment opportunities in India fly abroad and put their minds to work for the economic growth of other countries while others roam around unemployed.

It would be a place where the political leaders would be dedicated towards serving the countries rather than fulfilling their own selfish motifs.

Areas of Improvement There are a number of areas that our country still needs to work upon in order to grow and develop further. There are many rivers in India. Under the able leadership of Pt. My country Essay for class 2: However, it should also take steps to ensure that each and every person in the country seeks education.

Essay on India of My Dreams - 100, 200, 400 words for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

It is sad to see how genius minds from the country fly abroad to seek employment opportunities and contribute to the technological and industrial advancements of those countries rather than contributing to the development of their own country.

I dream of India that offers good employment opportunities to deserving individuals and together all work towards the further technological advancement of the country. It has rich and glorious past. The country is known for its rich culture and unity in diversity. Sample Essay on my country India for school students.

Article shared by. India is my country, my motherland. I love it and I am proud of it. India is a big country. In population it is second only to China. India has a rich and glorious past. Once it was the seat of learning.

Long and Short Essay on India of My Dreams in English India of My Dreams Essay 1 ( words) India enjoys a rich cultural heritage. People belonging to various castes, creeds and. Lack of proper governance has doomed India, and I swear to change it.

As the prime minister I'll work hard to change the face of India. My first aim will be to remove poverty.

My country Essay for class 2:

India has many holy places like temple, mosque, church and gurudwara. People of different religion like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians live happily and peacefully together here. People of different religion like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians live happily and peacefully together here. Words; 2 Pages; Down A discussion on the correlation between Down syndrome and obesity.

Written in ; 2, words; 11 sources; APA; $ Paper Summary: This paper discusses the Words; 3 Pages; The Importance Of Co-Education Co-Education has, as you may have known has, become very common amongst leading countries around the word.

India is my country.

India Essay

I am proud to say that I am an Indian. India has many claims to fame. India got Independence on 15th August from the British rule. Of all the countries in Asia, India is die biggest democratic country. It is spread over 3, sq. km., from North to South by km and.

My country india in 250 words
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