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It was not the easiest of books to make at the time because of our inexperience. We also used subtraction to find out how many we had knocked over. After dinner all the children had a taste, here are some of their comments: So far so good. You might need to strategically place some shapes around your outdoor space, but there is potential for greater creativity and more possibilities.

We hope you enjoyed it. All of my KS1 children have made good or outstanding progress. We filled copious amounts of Pringles tubes with lots of lovely mark making tools We left out lining paper in each area Mark making tools very easily accessible Each child has a balloon with their name on it hanging on a washing line, every time they do a piece of writing however long or short they add a paper chain piece to their balloon.

Almost every single child wanted to design a trap. Keep your eyes glued to this space for updates on the progress of the book. I have been in a privileged position of leading Every Child A Writer Project in several local schools. Today Miss Pell gave us a challenge using buckets and balls.

We have learnt lots of actions to help us. What do you think. Provide assistance when the children are looking for shapes. To inspire his friends to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Supertato arranges a sports day, where there will be running, jumping, carrying the heaviest item… etc. Small parts pose a choking hazard and are not appropriate for children age five or under.

He gives her some drastic advice to follow. Search Don't forget to use our Search function to find what you are looking for. Sue Hendra and her daughter, Wanda, are the centre of attraction, posing for pictures and signing copies of the books as well as illustrating how to make Norman the Slug and put faces on him.

Compare and contrast the shapes and discuss what an attribute is with the children. I feel a tingly warm fuzzy feeling when I see my gorgeous gaggle led on their tummies writing on clip boards. Adapt lesson for toddlers or preschoolers.

We will try to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible. If you would like any more information about Read Write Inc, please see a member of staff or click on the link below. The latter book went on to become the bestselling new picture book for the first quarter of Without question the Talk for Writing ideas and materials have been taken on by so many teachers.

Doubling Salad Another challenge was for the children to make a superhero salad. The children absolutely loved this activity and were queuing up to have a turn. It was actually pretty coincidental that I picked this up in the bookshop the week before our school had its annual sports day.

Talk for writing in reception??

In this book, a boy decodes a secret message by following the shapes in the book. Scroll down past the first few links to find results from Activity Village.

Sue Hendra also reinforces this view. Explain that today the children are going to go on a shape hunt. SUPERTATO by Sue Hendra, published in hardback by Simon and Schuster, Pounds (paperback Poundsebook Pounds ) SUPERTATO by Sue Hendra, published in hardback by Simon and Schuster, Pounds (paperback Poundsebook Pounds ) The book cover.

Supertato Rescuers.

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In both F1 and F2 we have been exploring the story 'Supertato' for our talk for writing. The children have really enjoyed this story and it has prompted lots of different learning opportunities both inside and out.

Create an attributes chart of all of the shapes discussed during your shape hunt. Various-sized rectangles vs. squares, circles vs. ovals vs. semicircles and the triangle and the star. Compare and contrast the shapes and discuss what an attribute is with the children.

Jul 04,  · Talk for writing in reception?? Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Princessteacher09, Jul 1, When she met Paul Linnet she found another twit with a silly sense of humour so they fell in love and started writing and illustrating together and came up with bestsellers such as Barry the Fish with Fingers, Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell, Nobot the Robot with No Bottom, Supertato.

no bot the robot with no bottom Download no bot the robot with no bottom or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get no bot the robot with no bottom book now. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it.

Supertato writing a cover
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